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Software and Services for residential managers, site managers, general managers, property managers, and other property management professionals.

Get help creating or improving your website, easily and inexpensively.

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  • Get help with everything from planning and design to updates and training.
  • Not even sure if you have a website or a domain name?
  • We will work with you, your Board of directors and your property manager to ensure success.
  • Keep your community informed and educated with alerts, notices, newsletters and more.
  • Showcase your property for realtors and prospective residents.


Get expert service, support and training for all popular website software.

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BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! Don't wait until your computer crashes. Failure to regularly backup your computer systems can result in loss of:

  • Irreplaceable information
  • Photos
  • Legal documents
  • Time reentering data
  • Data recovery costs

We help you select a technology with an appropriate balance of security and cost.

Technology  Security  Cost 
Free Backup Solutions Low Low 
On-Site Backup  Medium Medium 
"Cloud" Backup High Medium 
Off-Site Backup High High

We can provide temporary or interim site management for your property in Honolulu.


Setup, maintenance and repair for your small office computers and network.

  • Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Routine Maintenance, Updates, Antivirus
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office

Go to Password Manager...


Computer login, email, online accounts, it's hard to remember all of your passwords. Is your password, "password?" Do you write your passwords on sticky notes? Get organized while protecting your information. We can provide you with a password management system, so you you have a safe place to store all of your passwords.


  • Secure
  • Available from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection
  • Securely share passwords between the Residential Manager, Board of Directors and the Property Manager
  • Optional hardcopy backup to keep in your safe
  • Unlimited number of user names and passwords

Although infrared camera technology is becoming more and more affordable, sometimes it is still difficult to justify the cost. Apex Property Systems is currently working with residential managers in Honolulu to create a resource sharing program. If you are interested, please contact us.

Flir Fluke


IR camera

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